Q1. How to download the game?
A1. Scan the QR code in the manual or search the name of the APPs in the APP Store or Google play.

Q2. Why I scanned the QR code but it doesn’t work?
A2. Check and make sure your smart phone is connected network or WIFI.

Q3. Why I can play the game and the screen shows “Searching”?
A3. This happens when the Bluetooth connect is failed between the smart phone and gun. You can check the following things to fix it.
-No battery or battery low, you need to change the batteries and try again.
-Wrong position of the battery, you need to follow the sign to put it again and try.
-The Bluetooth on your smart phone is off, you need to turn on and press the gun to connect.
-You phone is below Bluetooth 4.0 version

Q4. Why there is black screen when I enter the game?
A4. You need to go to settings to allow the system to use the camera.

Q5. Why I can’t download or install the game?
A5. Please check the network connection or the storage of your smart phone.

Q6. Why the game is not running smooth when I am playing?
A6. There is not enough RAM on your smart phone. You need to clean up the phone memory or enlarge the space by changing the memory card.

Q7. Why the game shut down automatically?
A7. There are too many APPs running at the same time or there is not enough RAM on your smart phone. You need to shut down the APPs or clean up the phone memory.

Q8. Why the front sight can’t move?
A8. The smart phone has no gyroscope function or the function is damaged.

Q9. Why there are more than 1 guns’ number shown on the screen?
A9. There are more than 1 gun connect to the same WIFI. Each gun has their own serial number, you need to choose the one belongs to you.

4.Recommendation configuration table

Type Smart phone or tablet
Screen Size 4.5 inches+ 
Screen resolution 1280*720 pixel+
System Android 4.4+/IOS7.0+
CPU 1.5GHz+
ROM 16G+
Camera pixel 8 Mega Pixels
Bluetooth 4.0+
Gyroscope Necessary

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